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We supply professional displays and USB chargers for urban public transport: bus, taxi, train, underground car, subway, trolleybus and tram.  We also have outdoor digital signage screens for bus stations, subway and railroad stations.

Digital signage technology in transportation is presented by advertising monitors, information displays and entertainment screens. Leaflets in transport are often changed to LCD screens with local media player or digital signage management software with remote control via Internet or LAN. Passengers are treated as the consumers of different goods and services. Display's dynamic content system can be used as routing pointer to show current time, temperature, RSS news and other. These screens are also popular for dynamic and targeted advertising. Advertising and info displays for transport can not be ignored. The passengers are not very busy and ready to watch any relevant information with advertising displayed on public transport screens.  Video Display plays continuously, it can not be interrupted by driver or passenger. It can work with web server to interact with passengers via promotional QR codes, run online quiz connected with viber and whatsapp and so on.. It can also use GPS to display speed and nearby stations information.

USB chargers for transport are more and more important for passengers each day. We provide reliable USB sockets and charging modules for fast and safe charging devices including Qualcomm QC solutions.

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