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16 Apr Handrail USB chargers for city transport
John 0 480
Dekart Presents Next-Generation USB Charging Devices for Public Transit: Handrail-Mounted USB Charging Station. In a world where having a smartphone is essential, ensuring it stays charged during your commute is no longer just a luxury, it's a necessity. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest innovation: the USB Charging Station for City Transit Handrails. These USB stations mounted on handrails bring convenience to daily commutes, ensuring passengers stay connected throughout their jo..
26 Mar ◼ USB charger socket for passenger train
John 0 666
The USB charger sockets installed in passenger trains represent a significant advancement in modern railway transportation. These compartments provide passengers with the ability to stay connected with their loved ones, engage in entertainment activities such as gaming, music listening, and reading e-books on their tablet computers. The presence of USB sockets makes the train journey comfortable and safe for all passengers, while also ensuring the cabin remains fresh for an extended period. USB ..
26 Mar ◼ USB chargers for Railway transport
John 0 784
In a pioneering move towards modernizing railroad transport, Dekart introduces its innovative USB charger sockets tailored specifically for trains and subway cars. These sockets feature one or two vandal-proof USB ports, offering unmatched convenience and versatility to passengers on their journeys.[blog_banner id=transport-usb-charger-1]The USB charger sockets can be strategically installed throughout the train, near seats, alongside information screens, or even on handrails, providing passenge..
26 Mar ◼ Electric Bus USB Charger socket
John 0 400
Dekart Introduces Chargers for Passengers of Electric Buses! We are thrilled to announce the latest innovation from Dekart - chargers designed specifically for passengers of electric buses. With these chargers, passengers can now conveniently charge their gadgets while on the go, enhancing their travel experience and ensuring they stay connected throughout their journey. Our chargers are designed to be completely universal, compatible with mobile devices from various manufacturers, including App..
24 Mar ◼ USB charger for Golf car, Rickshaw and Tuk-Tuk
0 210
Powering Your Ride: The Ultimate USB Charger for Golf Cars, Rickshaws, and Tuk-Tuks by Dekart brand. In the realm of alternative transportation, where efficiency meets convenience, having access to a reliable USB charger is paramount. Whether you're cruising through the greens in a golf car, navigating bustling streets in a rickshaw, or exploring vibrant markets in a tuk-tuk, staying connected is essential. Enter the USB charger designed specifically for these unique modes of transport—a game-ch..
23 Mar ◼ USB charger socket for  Bus
0 346
USB chargers on buses have become almost indispensable in modern cities. They offer passengers the convenience of charging their devices while on the move. Whether it's for a short urban commute or a long-distance journey, USB chargers are now a standard feature in buses, catering to the needs of passengers from all walks of life. You'll find USB chargers conveniently located overhead, integrated into seat armrests, and even on handrails within buses. This widespread availability ensures that pa..
21 Mar ◼ USB Charger socket for Trolley and Bus
John 0 230
USB Charger for Trolleys is presented in small modules that connect the wire to power 12V or 24V and can power and charge any portable devices: mobile phone, smartphone, GPS, tablet, player. Also via USB the trolley can turn on the video recorder, cash register, tachometer. The USB Charger for trolleys introduces a new level of convenience and functionality to public transportation. These compact modules seamlessly connect to a 12V or 24V power source and provide the power needed to charge a wid..
14 Mar ◼ USB Charger for Metro trains and Subway
John 0 210
Dekart, a leading brand in railway transport solutions, proudly presents its USB gadget charger tailored for subway cars and metro stations. Featuring standard USB plugs compatible with all types of portable electronics, this charger seamlessly connects to the wall and can be used with standard USB cable. Whether passengers need to charge smartphones, tablets, or any other electronic device, our highly versatile USB sockets have got them covered. Dekart's USB gadget chargers for railway transpor..
14 Mar ◼ USB sockets on the Tram with charger
John 0 172
The Dekart transport USB charger in a passenger tram is the perfect solution for outfitting passenger trams with reliable charging capabilities. Featuring a vandal-proof housing and flush mounting design, these chargers are built to withstand the rigors of public transportation, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection against damage. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the onboard network of trams, the Dekart charger connects to both 12V and 24V power sources. With various mounting opt..
04 Mar ◼ USB Charger for Trains
John 0 236
Dekart's Train USB Charger is leading the way in providing passengers with a convenient solution for charging their portable electronics. Whether it's smartphones, tablets, or music players, this innovative charger ensures that travelers have the power they need to stay connected and entertained throughout their journey. One of the key features of Dekart's Train USB Charger is its versatility in installation. With USB Charger sockets designed specifically for electric trains, passengers can find..
06 Jan ◼ USB Charger outlet for Cab and Taxi
John 0 773
The Ultimate USB Charger outlets for Cabs and Taxis!  In the hustle and bustle of city life, where every minute counts, the ability to charge your gadgets during taxi rides is not just a convenience but a modern-day necessity. Enter the Car USB Charger by Dekart—an epitome of convenience for both taxi drivers and their discerning passengers. Why Choose Dekart USB Charger for Taxis? The Mortise and Overhead USB Charger for taxis from Dekart is designed with your convenience in mind. Whether you'r..
06 Jan ◼ USB Charger for car Rental and Carsharing
John 0 693
The Essential USB Charger for Car Rental and Carsharing Services. In the fast-paced world of car rental and carsharing services, seamless connectivity is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. As we delve into the realm of vehicle technology, the USB charger takes center stage, ensuring that your journey remains uninterrupted and your devices are always ready for action.Why USB Chargers Matter in Car Rental and Carsharing? In the landscape of car rental and carsharing, having a functional smartphon..
06 Jan ◼ USB Charger for Cars
John 0 593
Dekart's Cutting-Edge USB Car Chargers: Empowering Your Drive with Universal Connectivity! In the realm of automotive electronics, Dekart emerges as a pioneering supplier of versatile USB car chargers, seamlessly blending mortise and surface-mounted designs. These high-performance chargers are engineered to enhance your driving experience by providing a universal power source for an array of modern gadgets, including mobile phones, tablets, PNDs, DVRs, GPS trackers, and beyond.Dekart's USB soc..
16 Oct Transport solutions and applications
John 0 722
We supply professional displays and USB chargers for urban public transport: bus, taxi, train, underground car, subway, trolleybus and tram.  We also have outdoor digital signage screens for bus stations, subway and railroad stations.Digital signage screens and displays in transportationDigital signage technology in transportation is presented by advertising monitors, information displays and entertainment screens. Leaflets in transport are often changed to LCD screens with local media player or..
24 Apr ◼ USB Charger sockets for public transport solution
John 0 3781
USB chargers for public transport such as buses, trains, and subways have become increasingly popular in recent years. These chargers are typically located on the back of seats or on the walls of the vehicles, allowing passengers to charge their mobile devices while traveling. USB Charger for public transport is a USB socket in buses, Charger in trams and trolleybuses, USB connectors to charge gadgets in metro and electric car as well as USB for water transport and construction machinery.USB cha..
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