The USB charger sockets installed in passenger trains represent a significant advancement in modern railway transportation. These compartments provide passengers with the ability to stay connected with their loved ones, engage in entertainment activities such as gaming, music listening, and reading e-books on their tablet computers. The presence of USB sockets makes the train journey comfortable and safe for all passengers, while also ensuring the cabin remains fresh for an extended period. USB sockets can be installed in both sleeper and seated cars, typically within the vicinity of illumination sources and along the trim beneath the windows.

Dekart's train charger, equipped with one or two USB sockets, is specifically designed for individuals on the move who require constant communication capabilities. The USB charger for trains delivers high-quality and fast charging for devices such as iPads or mobile phones, owing to its technical specifications and device reliability.

Operating within a voltage input range of 6V to 30V, the USB charger for rail transport can be utilized in various challenging conditions. The housing of the power supply is constructed using high-quality non-combustible materials, ensuring protection against adverse mechanical impacts. Additionally, the device features built-in electrical protection mechanisms to safeguard both the charger and connected devices.