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Commercial displays and monitors for your business

Business commercial displays is a large information space where appropriate to almost all of digital signage. Basically, there are wall-mounted information boards and advertising displays that are placed in the input group, in the hallways and near the elevators. Commercial monitors in the offices at reception and in the waiting area clients to show promotional videos and promotional videos of the companies. Information boards and displays for offices can be focused on internal company departments, or visitors to the office clients. Monitors in corporate transportation and buses facilities aimed at informing passengers about the activities of the enterprise, shopping center, outlet shopping, and timetable visits. Real estate Agency equipped with digital signage screens for displaying objects and interiors in the Windows and in the reception area. The tourist business is actively using the Digital Signage screens to display vivid, dramatic, and action-inspiring ad about the tourist trips, tours and promotions. The banking and financial sector increasingly uses digital information displays, advertising displays and electronic signage to improve the customer service quality in branch offices. Fit up the floor and wall-mounted monitors in the reception area and near the elevators in the business centers attract many advertisers.

Electronics for commercial and passenger transport

Electronics for commercial and passenger transport is a reliable equipment for business among the range of DEKART DC-DC power converters for transportation, USB chargers, video surveillance systems, navigation, and briefing of passengers in transoprt.

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