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03 May In-cab USB charger for trains in Germany
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DEKART Copmany has developed a special USB CHARGING DEVICE with support for charging two mobile devices at the same time. This useful feature has found demand among train drivers. USB charging in the train cab uses the USB power outlet for mobile tablet computers and tachographs to display driving data such as routes, schedules, and speed limits.Two mobile devices can be charged simultaneously using the integrated DC/DC converter. The DEKART TUC-CA24-BLK-GRN charger has a robust and compact plas..
12 Apr New TTC Buses with DEKART USB Outlets in Toronto Canada
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New TTC buses have been launched in the capital of Canada, which allow you to charge your phone while driving around the city, of course, if you do not forget to bring a charging cable with you.Bus manufacturer TTC has launched a bus with USB charger under the seats. Each charger comes with two USB ports, so 24 passengers can simultaneously connect their gadgets to charge.According to TTC spokesman Stuart Greene, 200 new Nova Bus buses are on track. All of them are located in the northwest of To..
15 Mar USB Chargers for Train wagons and Trolley bus in Poland
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We can safely say that transport USB chargers present in our offer since last year are conquering the Polish bus market and more, and this recently fashionable and increasingly common gadget has been appreciated by all travelers. Thanks to USB sockets, all mobile devices can be easily recharged while traveling by public transport.Such amenities were the first to be used by passengers of public transport in Wrocław and Tarnów Podgórne. The Municipal Transport Company in Wrocław is certainly worth..
07 Jun Electric buses with USB charging for Russia, Moscow 2018
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The city enterprise Electrotrans from Russia has completed a mini-program for rolling stock renewal for this year. The result was the purchase of 200 electric buses with dynamic recharging. In the spring, in the capital of Russia, they successfully conducted inspections of innovative equipment, which in fact allowed for the summer to announce the purchase of 200 electric buses. The favorites of the auctions delivered Trolza cars model 5265.08 Megapolis to the metropolis. Electric buses cost 26.4..
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