Dear Friends, Dekart digital would like to share with you one of our LED Shelf Screen,the size we have 600MM,900MM and 1200MM available,any interest,please contact us freely!

The elongated monitor case with media device is designed for use in public areas with high traffic. The device is suitable for installation in public transport, shops, outdoors as part of equipment protected from moisture.

  • Metal housing protected against corrosion
  • The screen works at high and low temperatures: from 0 ° С to + 50 ° С
  • The display is high contrast and bright: the image remains visible in direct sunlight
  • The device is used in both landscape and portrait mode. It can be easily mounted into equipment from the inside or on the wall.
  • High brightness 700 cd / m² for crisp, colorful images that can be seen from a distance


  • The monitor will become a convenient navigator in the subway, an interactive advertising medium in a shopping center, a design move in a store, or a quick assistant when choosing dishes in a restaurant.
  • Integrate digital shelves with product names, prices and promotions into the store space. You will grab attention, avoid price tag confusion and increase your average check.
  • On the street, in the metro, at stations and airports, such a monitor shows the weather, builds routes, displays the transport schedule.
  • Broadcast audio ads in addition to promo videos, grab attention and attract passers-by