Ultra-bright LCD LED displays are designed for professional use in high temperature and intense outdoor lighting around the clock 24/7. DEKART Advertising information displays for shop windows are made on the basis of professional LED LCD TFT panels. Screen sizes of liquid crystal advertising and information monitors for shop windows are: 32", 46 ", 47", 49 ", 55", 75 ", 85". Superbright LCD displays monitors for showcases are ready for uninterrupted operation in direct sunlight. Thanks to the use of heat-resistant panels, LCD monitors with a high temperature and an operating temperature of up to 110 °C can work efficiently when direct sunlight hits the screen. Standard LCDs get darken when heated above 40 °C.

High-brightness LCD Panel

Backlight brightness reach 2,500 nits,

To achieve the best visual effect under direct sunlight.

super bright LCDs LCD displays monitors panels for shop windows

Intelligent Brightness Control

Auto adjust the screen brightness by ambient light,

To optimally save energy

and keep the best visual comfort.

superbright LCD displays panel monitors for shop windows 4K resolution

Low Noise Design

Special to Window Display.

Less than 25dB, as quiet as in the recording studio.

super-bright LCD display LCD monitors for shop windows - high image quality in all conditions

Industrial Ultra-thin Body

Super slim bezel for multi-screen stitching effect.

Ultra thin body for applying in Window Display,

Which is a popularity.

superbright LCD displays monitors for showcases Uninterrupted operation in direct sunlight

LCD monitors for shop windows - high image quality in all conditions

Professional TFT-matrices with a brightness of 1500 - 5000 cd / m2, comparable to the performance of LED screens, providing excellent image quality even at the highest level of external lighting. Maximum resolution of advertising and informational LCD displays for 4K UHD display cases (3840x2160).

A specially designed ventilation system effectively uses electronic display components that allow the use of liquid crystal monitors in the most adverse conditions.  It is possible to use ultra-thin LCD displays for interactive touch screens made by capacitive technology.

A built-in light sensor provides optimum brightness, saves energy and extends the life of the LCD monitor.

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